By Anne Jurvetson, May 3, 2016

I am grateful for the outpouring of support and all the heartfelt wishes of condolence, during this exceedingly difficult time.

This website was published with the hope that it would be useful to the authorities, and help the media at large. Thankfully, this has been the case.

I do wish to specify however, I have never once granted an interview to any media outlet. Police detectives were the only ones who interviewed me. On April 18, I sent the LAPD the Official Family Statement, well in advance of the public announcement of Reet’s identification. Quotes attributed to me, by the media, are from these sources.

Neither I nor my immediate family ever, directly or indirectly, granted exclusive scoops, that some would claim to have obtained. We have never profited from Reet’s death through some sort of arrangement with journalists.