1969 Jane Doe No. 59 Murder Victim Identified After 46 Years

Originally published on The Los Angeles Police Department Website here on April 27, 2016

Los Angeles: On November 16, 1969, the unidentified victim’s body, Jane Doe No. 59, was discovered in the brush off of Mulholland Drive near Bowmont Drive. She had been stabbed numerous times in the upper torso and neck area. At the time, LAPD detectives attempted to identify her utilizing department resources and prepared a bulletin having negative results.

In December 2003, a detective from the Robbery Homicide Division, Cold Case Homicide Unit (RHD/CCHU) submitted a piece of biological evidence which was uploaded into the NamUs. NamUs is the national database for all unidentified missing and deceased victims. Jane Doe No. 59 remained unidentified.

In June 2015, a friend of the family living in Canada was looking through the NamUs website. She viewed a photograph of Jane Doe No. 59 who closely resembled the missing family member, Reet Jurvetson.

Reet Jurvetson had lost contact with her family shortly after arriving in California in 1969. The friend notified the family, who contacted NamUs. As a result of this inquiry, the CCHU was contacted and reopened the investigation. During the investigation a DNA test was compared to Jurvetson family members and it was revealed Jane Doe No. 59 was identified as Reet S. Jurvetson.

During the course of the investigation, CCHU detectives felt it was necessary to investigate any potential connection to any other crimes during that time period. Due to the location and the time period where Reet Jurvetson was found, and the violent manner of her death, investigators wanted to rule out any possible connection to the notorious “Manson Murders” that occurred during the summer of 1969. Investigators made arrangements to interview Charles Manson to see if he was able to provide any further details or information related to the death of Miss Jurvetson. Their encounter with Manson did not produce anything fruitful and the investigation remains open and ongoing.

Detectives are seeking information from the public in identifying a person of interest named “John” or French name “Jean.” Jean was a friend of Reet Jurvetson who she met in Montreal, Canada and also traveled and lived in the United States in 1969.